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  1. EVVA Optional Special Functions

    Sometimes you need something a little special to solve your problem and this is where the EVVA Optional Special Functions come in.  These functions are perfectly suited to make sure that the cylinder you fit is ideal for the application and environment where it is installed, be that a costal hotel, a school or a rental property.... Read more >
  2. How to Choose the Right Cylinder

    By considering these factors and understanding the different types of cylinders available, you can make an informed decision to ensure your property is secure. For further assistance or specific product recommendations, feel free to contact our experts at Aldridge Security.... Read more >
  3. 25 Years Of Accurate Installation - Updated Briton Accufit Template

    Updated versions of the Accufit template are now available with Briton 2003 and 2003V door closers, with the launch expanding across the Briton door closer range in the coming months. Briton products are also supported with complete product information, certification and fitting instructions.... Read more >
  4. Setting The Standard With Allegion

    With the help of our suppliers, we’re striving to increase the awareness and education of standards to our customer base.... Read more >
  5. A Guide for Locksmiths on Shed and Garden Solutions

    Enhance your expertise, broaden your service offerings, and commit to the safety of your community's outdoor spaces. Your journey into the realm of shed and garden security starts with a single step—make that step today.... Read more >
  6. New! Armaplate Resolute

    Vehicle theft in the UK is now at an all time high with luxury vehicles being the most targeted. According to new data published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the number of vehicles stolen in England and Wales has increased 25% year on year. Using special technology that effectively replicates the key the thief can steal a car in a matter of seconds, without any alarm being triggered or break in required. This technology is frighteningly readily available and has also been showc... Read more >
  7. Silca My Family Engraving Made Simple

    Techla is the new machine from Silca which simplifies the engraving process. The pre-packaged tags contain a barcode which is scanned by the machine allowing you to create your own personalised tag in minutes. It really is that simple! This new state of the art machine can be bought as a standalone device, or there is the option to purchase the revolving pedestal merchandiser which displays up to 55 tags, allowing your customer to choose and engrave independently. With an ever growing key cu... Read more >
  8. EVVA EPS np - Patented until 2041

    NEW EVVA EPS np restricted cylinder system, patented until 2041 Introducing the EVVA EPS np cylinder system boasting one of the longest patents currently in existence offering guaranteed key protection until 2041. Manufactured in Austria to the highest standards and surpassing the maximum cylinder security grades possible, including British Standard TS007 1* and 3*, as well as holding Secure By Design police approval, EPS np is the latest high security cylinder development from EVVA and availa... Read more >
  9. Chameleon - Hatched from a simple idea.

    Chameleon Adaptable Hardware is a range of retrofitting repair parts & accessories for UPVC/Timber doors & windows which have been carefully hand-picked with the retrofit replacement market in mind. With thousands of different UPVC doors and windows being fitted into the UK and ROI homes, Chameleon adaptable hardware means you only need to switch the old worn out parts for chameleon as the range adapts to its surroundings and helps lower the number of products needed to be stocked thi... Read more >
  10. Track Your Orders Online

    You can now track all online orders with just a few clicks! To track orders the user must be logged in to their account. You can access this information by going to My Account / My Dashboard / My Orders, go into the order you want and click “Track My Order”, it will then open up the carriers tracking window. You can also track your orders using the ‘Track Order’ button above the header shopping cart icon. Click here to try it now Please note you will not be able to track Click &... Read more >

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