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Chameleon - Hatched from a simple idea.

Chameleon - Hatched from a simple idea.

Chameleon Adaptable Hardware is a range of retrofitting repair parts & accessories for UPVC/Timber doors & windows which have been carefully hand-picked with the retrofit replacement market in mind.

With thousands of different UPVC doors and windows being fitted into the UK and ROI homes, Chameleon adaptable hardware means you only need to switch the old worn out parts for chameleon as the range adapts to its surroundings and helps lower the number of products needed to be stocked this in turn will help you save time and money.



Chameleon PRO XL is a door handle like no other and one you should always have on the van or in the shop. It is the only door handle on the market that not only has adaptable centres but also has an adaptable backplate making this the ultimate retrofitting door handle on the planet!

Chameleon Adaptable Hardware is exclusively distributed by Aldridge Security and is part of the Asec Security Group.