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  1. Silca News June 2022

    Congratulations to Mark from Guildford Lock & Safe Mark from Guildford Lock & Safe – Winner of the trip to Italy being presented with his gold prosecco by Andy Lewis – Silca Commercial Brand Manager at Aldridge Security. Following last month’s ‘Win a trip to Italy’ draw we paid a visit to our winner Mark Wickens of Guildford Lock & Safe to present him with his gold prosecco and holiday vouchers. We also took the opportunity to ask Mark so... Read more >
  2. Silca News May 2022

    50% OFF Selected Silca Cutters & Brushes Need a new cutter or brush for your mechanical or electronic key machine? Throughout the month of May we are offering 50% OFF Selected Cutters & Brushes! Take advantage of this huge saving today and also get an entry into this quarters ‘Win a trip to Italy’ competition! CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PRODUCTS INCLUDED IN THIS SPECIAL OFFER     Free Holiday to Italy with every Unocode Purchase From glor... Read more >
  3. Silca News April 2022

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  4. Silca News March 2022

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  5. Silca News February 2022

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  6. Silca News January 2022

      Aldridge & Silca 50 YEARS IN PARTNERSHIP Aldridge & Silca partnership boasts one of the longest and most lucrative in both Silca and Aldridge’s long histories. Launching the Silca brand to the UK market back in 1972, The Aldridge & Silca names have become synonymous with each other. Achieving and breaking many milestones together throughout the years, including the first sale of the original Unocode outside of Italy. Designing and creating the Lancer Plus Key machine... Read more >
  7. National Home Security Month

    Yale’s mission to protect what matters most With the darker nights approaching, Yale is proud to launch National Home Security Month this October, an annual campaign that brings end users all the information they need to get up to speed on the importance of security and how to protect their home, but more importantly the people in it. Over October Aldridge will be issuing 4 week long promotion on Yale products. Please look out for the next promotion in your inbox.... Read more >
  8. Silca take it to the next level

    Graham Parker of Parkers Multi Service Centre Limited in Grimbsy, has been a Silca customer & advocate of the brand for over 40 years. During this time Graham has purchased several manual and electronic machines & stocked a huge variety of Silca blanks, all of which he has purchased through Aldridge Security. Due to his long, proud and successful history in using Silca Key Machines & blanks, when he heard about the new Unocode F Series, he had no hesitation in booking a demonstration... Read more >
  9. Paxton10 - Multi-Site Made Simple

    Paxton’s combined video management and access control platform, Paxton10, has received another innovative and highly anticipated update. The award-winning system now allows administrators to manage multiple sites, spanning cities, countries and even continents.Paxton have been developing and updating Paxton10 based on real-time feedback from their installers and end-users. This is to maximise the systems future potential for expanding businesses with multiple sites, and public spaces such as s... Read more >
  10. Silca Unocode F Series

    Introducing the latest range of Silca Unocode Machines – The F SeriesIn 1989 Silca changed the future of key cutting forever with launch of the original Unocode. 32 years on and Silca will once again change the future of key cutting, with the latest evolution of the Unocode family, introducing the F Series. Based on a new platform the F Series family decodes a key 50% quicker than the last generation Unocode, comes complete with a 10” industrial grade touch screen, can engrave up to 90 key... Read more >

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