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New! Armaplate Resolute

New! Armaplate Resolute

Vehicle theft in the UK is now at an all time high with luxury vehicles being the most targeted.

According to new data published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the number of vehicles stolen in England and Wales has increased 25% year on year.

Using special technology that effectively replicates the key the thief can steal a car in a matter of seconds, without any alarm being triggered or break in required.

This technology is frighteningly readily available and has also been showcased across social media outlets showing the exact process of how easy it is to steal a car.

As a result of this a lot of major Insurance companies are now dramatically increasing premiums or even refusing to insure certain manufacturers cars altogether. The car manufacturers are struggling to find a solution to combat the issue and are now even noting that the car may be vulnerable to theft within their terms and conditions.

Visible deterrents such as using a steering wheel lock plays a crucial role in keeping thieves at bay, because these devices cannot be overcome by the technology to steal cars.

Armaplate have created a solution, that not only locks the steering wheel but the brake pedal too, effectively stopping the car from moving even if the engine has been started. This innovative product also holds Sold Secure GOLD accreditation!

Although nothing is fool proof, this deterrent is likely to make the thief move on to the next unprotected car rather than spend hours attempting to remove it.

This NEW solution is fast becoming popular with Auto Locksmiths nationwide, offering this as an upsell to their clients & providing peace of mind as a solution to vehicle theft.

The new Armaplate AP1000G Resolute Steering Wheel Lock is available to buy now from Aldridge Security.

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