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EVVA Optional Special Functions

EVVA Optional Special Functions

When it comes to enhancing the security and functionality of locking systems, a range of specialised features can offer significant benefits. From anti-barricade mechanisms and snap-resistant cylinders to advanced key override options and construction keying, these optional features are designed to meet diverse security needs. Whether you're looking to prevent unauthorised access, improve durability in harsh environments, or ensure ease of use in emergency situations, the following options provide tailored solutions to suit various applications. Explore the available enhancements below and discover how they can add an extra layer of protection and convenience to your security systems.

Below is an overview of all of the EVVA special features available, for more details please take a look at our dedicated EVVA Optional Special Functions page.

SOS - Clutch Cam (Anti-Barricade)
Thumbturn is disengaged when a key is inserted on the outside allowing access even if turn is blocked or held.

BSI - 3* Snap Resistant
Bump and snap resistant cylinders Kitemarked on the external anti snap side only with the 3*** logo.

BSZ - External Key Override
Allows operation of the cylinder from the outside even if a key is inserted on the inside.

Z - Cog Wheel Cams
Designed for use with multi-point locks or specialist mortice locks that are operated via a gear ring or a toothed rack, they can be supplied with 10, 13, 14 or 18 teeth instead of a standard cam.

CLA - Classroom Function
Thumbturn can only be rotated in one direction (reversible) so that a door can only be unlocked from the inside, it is supplied with SOSE as standard.

CMK - Construction Keying
Cylinders installed during construction are operated by the "CMK Master Key". On completion of work the CMK is disabled by use of any Master Key or Differ Key. This removes the need to retrieve or keep track of any CMK Master Keys issued.

VAR - ABC Vario
3 sets of keys are provided, once key B is used then the A keys no longer work; when the C key is used then neither A nor B keys will no longer work.

PBP - Pre-Determined Break Point
Cylinder will snap at a pre-determined point to prevent entry via snapping, please note that this function is not TS007 rated.

SSW - All Weather Cover
Spring loaded shutter plates mounted on the outside of the cylinder open and close when the key is inserted or removed. NB - adds 5mm to cylinder length.

TAF-A - Temporary Access Function
Allows temporary access for service keys, if the key is removed in "S" position the service key will work but if it is removed in the "I" position, it will not.

FL1 - Free Wheel Function
Free wheel function without forced decoupling when key is inserted (supplied in-house), for use with motorised locks.

TXT - Additional Numbering
Specific numbering or sequential numbering on keys to allow the end user to keep track of issued keys and highlight losses.

SEW - Sea Water Protections
For cylinders that are exposed to more severe environmental influences, corrosion-susceptible cylinder parts are supplied with a special surface treatment; this comes as standard for Aldridge cylinders.

SG-A - Bump Resistant
Provides protected against access via a specially milled bump key by using separated body pins.

NS - Nickel Silver Plug
Ideal for use on high use cylinders such as communal entrances where cylinders are used far more often.

FZG - Free Wheel Function
Certified free wheel function without forced decoupling when key is inserted (factory supplied), for use with motorised locks

FLEX - Adapted Entry
One or both sides of the cylinder can be operated via Square, Triangle, Hexagon or slot feature, e.g. one side could be opened with a key and the other by an 8mm socket.

PA - Partner Cylinder
The cylinder can only be operated when an authorised key is inserted in the opposite side.

GEF - Emergency Key Authorised
A special version of the BSZ function where only the authorised GEFE key can operate the cylinder even if a key is inserted in the other side.

HOT-A - Emergency Key Authorised Indicator
A special version of the BSZ function where only the authorised HOT key can operate the cylinder even if a key is inserted in the other side and a red pin shows if that key is present.

ZVS - Retracted Cylinder Body
For use in special metal framed doors with integrated security roses.

ARS - Plug Pulling Protection
A special nickel silver cam connects to the plugs on both sides to protect from plug pulling attempts.

KZS - Plug Pulling Protection
Carbide components in the plug protect against plug pulling attempts.

ZH - Plug Pulling Protection
Certified plug pulling protection for compact cylinders, this feature needs to be installed in the cylinder or escutcheon to fulfil resistance class 2-6.

Sometimes you need something a little special to solve your problem and this is where the EVVA Optional Special Functions come in.  These functions are perfectly suited to make sure that the cylinder you fit is ideal for the application and environment where it is installed, be that a costal hotel, a school or a rental property.

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