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25 Years Of Accurate Installation - Updated Briton Accufit Template

25 Years Of Accurate Installation - Updated Briton Accufit Template

Briton, a leading specialist in door controls and exit hardware, has launched a newly enhanced version of its long-standing and highly popular self-adhesive Accufit template, designed to aid easy and accurate installation of Briton’s trusted door closers.

For 25 years, Briton’s unique ‘peel and stick’ Accufit system has provided installers with the means to fit door closers quickly and accurately at the first attempt, improving efficiency and helping to drive better installation standards across the built environment. Accufit self-adhesive templates are designed to be stuck to the door and its frame, allowing all fixing points to be accurately pre-drilled and helping ensure the closer is correctly positioned, in all applications.

Briton’s newly updated Accufit templates include the fixing dimensions of the door closer alongside user-friendly images of the fixing application to provide additional illustrative guidance. Fixing instructions have also been simplified to assist installers when positioning the template, with the edge, face and inside edge frame of the door clearly marked, helping to further reduce installation time, improve the accuracy of fittings and enhance the life of the installed product.

In updating its Accufit templates, Briton aims to save installers time whilst eliminating the uncertainties associated with door closer installation, helping to ensure closers function effectively and maintain fire safety integrity as a result.

Pete Hancox, country manager at Allegion UK, commented:

"An appropriately specified, installed and maintained door closer is a prerequisite when it comes to fire door safety. With that in mind, and upon identifying that problems associated with the operation of door closers were often the result of incorrect installation, Briton’s door control experts developed a reliable system in the form of Accufit.

Briton Accufit templates are designed to facilitate the correct installation of door closers, and for 25 years they have remained a proven support tool for installers. With changes to fire safety legislation, and a renewed focus on competency, ensuring accurate installation is now more significant than ever, and as such, it’s an opportune time to launch our enhanced Accufit system.

In doing so, we’re confident that the Accufit system will assist in delivering accurate door closer installation and improved fire door safety standards for another 25 years to come.

Updated versions of the Accufit template are now available with Briton 2003 and 2003V door closers, with the launch expanding across the Briton door closer range in the coming months. Briton products are also supported with complete product information, certification and fitting instructions.