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Silca take it to the next level

Silca take it to the next level

Graham Parker of Parkers Multi Service Centre Limited in Grimbsy, has been a Silca customer & advocate of the brand for over 40 years. During this time Graham has purchased several manual and electronic machines & stocked a huge variety of Silca blanks, all of which he has purchased through Aldridge Security.
Due to his long, proud and successful history in using Silca Key Machines & blanks, when he heard about the new Unocode F Series, he had no hesitation in booking a demonstration to see the much anticipated machine in action. Graham was most certainly not disappointed at the speed, accuracy and the efficiency of this incredible new machine and ensured he placed his order without delay and is proud to be one of the first customers in the World to receive this machine.

Silca have always been the machine of choice for professional key cutters, continuously pushing technology and the boundaries of possibility to ensure they lead the way as the world’s largest and most successful key blank and key cutting machine manufacturer in the world.


Graham Parker - The proud owner of one of the 1st Unocode F900 in the UK


Graham visited the Silca factory in Italy over 15 years ago and still remembers it like it was yesterday, “when you see how they operate, you can really appreciate just why they lead the way in the key cutting market”.

“The F Series jump in technology made by Silca has quite simply been stunning”. After 4 hours of trialling the F900, Graham knew it was going to be the machine to take his company to the next level of key cutting. Having already owned a Unocode 399 for many years as well as recently upgrading his old Triax to the new Triax Pro, the only choice to upgrade would be with Silca.

When we asked Graham how it would benefit his business, he explained, “due to the automated process and duplicating of large quantities of keys, it is a fantastic time saver when large quantities are required or keys for a master key system as the machine can be left to work whilst the locks are being assembled”.

Regarding the ease of using the machine, Graham explained that it was quite straight forward to setup with great support from the extremely wonderful staff at Aldridge & Silca UK, he continued, “the service offered by Aldridge and Silca was exactly as expected and that is why after 40 years + of trading with Aldridge, they are still our leading supplier when it comes to Machinery and stock”.

Graham is most certainly as he put it “one delighted customer”.

If you would like to take your company to the next level in Key Cutting technology, contact a member of our Silca Sales Team today.