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A list of the most popular industry abbreviations along with their meanings

Abbreviation Meaning
0B Zero Bitted
1B One Bitted
A Amp
AB Antique Brass
AC Alternating Current
ADJ Adjustable
AG Anodised Gold
ALT Alternative
AS Anodised Silver
BC Back Check
BJ Black Japanned
BLK Black
BLUX Brasslux
BP Brass Plated
BRN Brown
BS British Standard
BZ or BZP Bright Zinc
CCW Counter Clockwise
CG Champagne Gold
CM Centimetre
CP Chrome Plated
CW Clockwise
CYL Cylinder
DBL Double
DC Directed Current
Deg Degree
DMG Dark Metallic Grey or Dull Metal Grey
EB Electro Brass
F/L Fail Locked
F/U Fail Unlocked
FL Fail Locked
FU Fail Unlocked
G Gram
GAA Gold Anodised Aluminium
GE Gold Enamelled
GHZ Giga Hertz
GLV or GALV Galvanised
GMK Grand Master Keyed
GRY Grey
HO Hold Open
HR Hour
IP Ingress Protection
K 1000
KA Keyed Alike
KD Keyed To Differ
KG Kilogram
LBS Pounds
LED Light Emitting Diode
LEV Lever
LH Left Hand
LTR Litre
M Meter
MA Milliamp
MAX Maximum
MHZ Mega Hertz
MIN Minimum
MIN Minute
MK Master Keyed
ML Millilitre
MM Millimetre
Mon Monitored
MPL Multi Point Lock
N/C Normally Closed
N/O Normally Open
NC Normally Closed
NO Normally Open
NP Nickel Plated
NS Nickel Silver
ºC Degrees Celsius
PA Polished Aluminium
PAA Polished Anodised Aluminium
PB Polished Brass
PC Polished Chrome
PG Polished Gold
PL Polished Lacquered Brass
PSS Polished Stainless Steel
REF Reference
RH Right Hand
SA Satin Aluminium
SAA Satin Anodised Aluminium
SB Satin Brass
SC Satin Chrome
SCP Satin Chrome Plated
SE Silver Enamelled
SEC Second
SGL Single
SLV Silver
SN Satin Nickel
SNP Satin Nickel Plated
SS or STST Stainless Steel
SSS Satin Stainless Steel
ST Steel
TP Trade Pack
V Volt
VP or Visi Visi Packed
WH White
YR Year
ZP Zinc Plated