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Silca News March 2022

Silca News March 2022


First to Market - New key programming software Fiat Chrysler Group* 2022 ADS2324 - Code D755951AD

Advanced Diagnostics is pleased to announce the release of a key programming solution for a selection of popular Jeep* and Fiat* models.

The software programmes proximity keys for popular models like the Jeep Renegade*, Jeep Compass* and the Fiat 500X*. All keys and remotes will be erased before programming new ones. The software bypasses the security pincode and programs the remote and the transponder at the same time. No working key is required. The ADC2012 cable is necessary to complete the programming procedure.

Server Connection required The AD2324 software requires an internet connection to access the programming calculation in the proprietary Advanced Diagnostic server.

What else is needed:

*All the brands and product names mentioned in this flyer are registered trademarks exclusive property of authorized manufacturers. Said trademarks or trade names are nominated only for the purposes of information in order to be rapidly identified.


50% OFF Fully loaded SMART Pro Vehicle Key Programmer

To continue our 50-year celebrations, we are pleased to offer another exclusive Advanced Diagnostics promotion for 2022. Throughout the year we are offering the entire AD vehicle software kits for the Smart Pro at 50% off!

Purchasing the full software range of 114 kits would remove the need for ongoing token purchases allowing you to programme remotes indefinitely without the need to ever top-up.

If you were to purchase usually, this would cost over £44,000, however purchase this year and take advantage of 50% off in honour of our milestone celebrations and save over £22,000!

The promotion is available to existing Smart Pro devices and to anyone wanting to purchase the device, whether that is new or trade-in.

For more details of the kits and savings, please contact our Automotive Team on 0203 007 6060 (Option 8) or email



Free Holiday to Italy with every Unocode Purchase

From glorious crystal-clear coastlines to gargantuan lakes, serene landscapes to cosmopolitan cities. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you can experience it in conjunction with our ‘50 year in partnership’ celebrations!

Aldridge & Silca are delighted to announce that for every Unocode F600, F800 or F900 key machine purchased throughout 2022, we are including a complimentary Holiday to Italy, up to the value of £2,000.

Purchase a Unocode today and plan your trip to this beautiful country, whether that be driving the coast, climbing the mountains, or perhaps just even enjoying the food, wine and relaxing.

The Unocode F-Series range, caters for all requirements. With the ability to decode, cut, engrave, sort and much more this market leading Electronic Key Machine could change your business.

F600 is an electronic key machine for cutting and engraving flat keys. Designed for specialist locksmiths, it cuts and engraves flat keys in a significantly optimized process, improving the speed and quality of service to your customer.

F800 is a truly all-in-one solution for duplicating by code flat keys, automating the key feeding, engraving, cutting and sorting leaving you free to manage your next customer.

F900 with its built in key reading function, is an electronic key cutting machine that automates and simplifies the complete key duplication process to improve the speed and quality of service to your customer. Faster key duplication means significantly improved returns on each key sold for you.

Why not arrange a free demonstration of the Unocode F-Series range at our Birmingham premises or let us bring the demonstration to you courtesy of the Silca Van?

CLICK HERE to book your free demonstration and see how this machine could enhance your business.



Not currently in the market for a Unocode, but would still love to see this beautiful country?

Have you ever fancied a tour around the Silca factory or to find out just how Silca is run, well over the next 12 months, Aldridge & Silca will be giving you the chance to win a trip to Italy, the home of Silca.

There are 3 trips to be won this year; one in March, July and December with the added bonus of a trip to the beautiful City of Venice. To win one of these amazing breaks, all you will need to do is spend a minimum of £50 on Silca in one order. The lucky winners will be contacted by a member of the Aldridge Marketing team.


Automotive Training

We are delighted to announce the first of our NEW customer training programmes, with the launch of our full Automotive Training Sessions.

Undertaken by a fully qualified Automotive Locksmith, this 2 day PAID course will provide detailed, real life training to ensure you’re always able to turn a job into profit.

Whether you are an existing Automotive Locksmith looking to enhance your skills or knowledge of this trade, or potentially new to Auto Locksmithing and looking to add this highly profitable trade to your existing Locksmith business, this intense two-day course will cover the following major attributes of an Auto Locksmith to assist you in your development:

• A breakdown and overview of the different immobiliser systems that you’re likely to face when on a job.  

• A good well rounded understanding of transponders & keys, including identification, sourcing, repairing and replacing, where possible.

• How to utilise the programming equipment to diagnose Immobiliser issues & faults, where applicable.

• Hands on, step by step practical training of non-destructive entry to vehicles.

• How to decode & cut existing vehicle keys.

• How to cut new keys by code, without existing keys.

• How to clone Transponder keys and programming to the vehicle via the on board diagnostics.

• Reviewing, educating and practicing on different types of vehicle locks, learning how they work and tips and tricks to speed entry and increase profitability.

• Utilisation of MyKeys Pro and other useful information resources to assist in finding relevant information, including car specific data. 

• How to structure your pricing to ensure strong profitability whilst remaining competitive.

• Real life examples of questions that have been asked by customers, how to respond & what to say when the phone rings.

• Aiding on starting an Automotive business, or alternatively adding this lucrative trade to your already thriving business.

The course will be carried out using the best equipment available and on the market today, allowing you to gain a strong understanding of utilising the right tool for the right job each time.

If you are interested in finding out more information or to book your place, please contact our Automotive Team on 0203 007 6060 (Option 8 ) or email