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Silca News June 2022

Silca News June 2022

Congratulations to Mark from Guildford Lock & Safe

Mark from Guildford Lock & Safe – Winner of the trip to Italy being presented with his gold prosecco by Andy Lewis – Silca Commercial Brand Manager at Aldridge Security.

Following last month’s ‘Win a trip to Italy’ draw we paid a visit to our winner Mark Wickens of Guildford Lock & Safe to present him with his gold prosecco and holiday vouchers.

We also took the opportunity to ask Mark some questions about his business and long standing history with Aldridge & the Silca brand

Please tell us about you and your business and how long you have been using Silca products?

I started my locksmith career back in 1981 working for PJ Carroll locksmiths, not long after I joined the business it was acquired by another company who subsequently took the decision to close the locksmith shop!

As a result of this Richard Ewens & I then set up Guildford Lock and Safe in 1983 and immediately applied for an account with Aldridge, it was that point forward that Silca became my key blank supplier of choice as the range they offered was vast compared to everyone else!

Back then I can remember having to travel up to Aldridge trade counter London on my motorcycle to collect an Ingersoll SC71 which we did not have in stock for a job, walking into the building and thinking how this massive building could just be full of locks and key blanks.

What was your first memory you have of Silca?

We have always had a great relationship with other local locksmiths and sometimes had to borrow unusual key blanks from them, often popping in to see Chris Smith at Horace Smiths in Woking or John at JCM Locksmiths in Kingston, one day I walked into Johns works shop and saw the Silca Idea machine for the 1st time cutting a safe key & thinking I am going to have one of those!

It’s safe to say it made a lasting impression as in our shop we now use nothing but Silca machinery to cover all aspects of keys cutting.

What Silca and Advanced Diagnostics machines do you use?

We have manual machines such as the Bravo, Lancer Plus, Matrix Pro and Crown. Electronic machines in the form of Unocode 299, Unocode 399, Triax Quattro and my favourite the Idea machine. Most recently we have ventured into the automotive side of the business investing in the Silca RW4 and Smartpro from Advanced Diagnostics.

This allows us to be able to provide a great key cutting service and being able to create master key systems inhouse for our customer base, be it to the trade or retail customers.

Why did you choose Aldridge & Silca?

We decided to use Silca & Aldridge Security for our key cutting machines due to the great service Aldridge as a company have always provided us with for many years, this combined with the reliability of Silca machinery and also the technical support offered by Silca, it was an easy choice.

What makes Aldridge & Silca different?

Aldridge have always offered us such a fantastic service and to be honest we enjoy a great working relationship together, years ago before placing orders on the website I do remember ringing through about 6 orders on the phone in 1 day, then our telephone rang at our shop, " this is Eddie here, why don't you guys just ring with 1 big order instead of 6 small ones" I guess he had a pointt!

Silca key cutting machines and the key blank range have provided Guildford Lock & Safe with a reliable and cost-effective base to offer a vast key cutting service to our customers.

There are still 3 more trips up for grabs, with the next winner to be announced in July.

To be in with your chance to win a trip to Silca and see the beautiful sights of Italy, all you need to do is spend £50 on Silca products in one order between now and the end of June for one entry in to the draw, the number of entries is unlimited so the more you spend the more entries and chance of winning you have!



Aldridge Birmingham – Silca & Advanced Diagnostics Trade Counter Day – 21st July 10am -

On the 21st July at our central distribution centre in Birmingham, we will be hosting a ‘Live Demo Day’ with the Silca & Advanced Diagnostics van. Throughout the day we will be carrying out live demonstrations of the full Silca Key Machine range, including the latest Silca Unocode F900, Futura Pro and the first battery powered key cutting machine from Silca ‘The Flash’. We’ll also be showing the latest Automotive key duplication technology from Advanced Diagnostics, including live programming demos with the market leading Smart Pro machine.

The Silca, Advanced Diagnostics and Aldridge Security teams will all be on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout the day.

In conjunction with our ‘Aldridge & Silca - 50 years in partnership’ celebrations, we will be offering exclusive one day only special offers to those customers in attendance, including some of the biggest discounts we have ever issued!

If you are interested in finding out more information or to book your visit, please contact our Team on 0203 007 6060 (Option 8 ) or email



MYKEYS Pro and Premium 30 Days Free Trial

Mykeys Pro has been designed to simplify your locksmithing business thus saving you time and help you get to your next job faster. You will find all your Silca and Advanced Diagnostic product information in one easy to access place. Mykeys Pro consolidates references, provides product information and has a detailed guide for cutting residential keys and programming Automotive keys in one place.

Mykeys Pro offers two subscription levels, a free version and an option to upgrade to a premium subscription. The free version allows you to access product catalogues and vehicle key programming information.

Mykeys Pro premium gives you access to a detailed guide in cutting any key from Silca on a Silca key machine, an interactive Automotive tool, a compressive list of any vehicle key by make or by model and a complete guide to programming any vehicle key, including photos, video tutorials, step by step instructions and a programmability score which is based on the difficulty of the job.

Mykeys Pro premium offers many other useful features including the latest upgrades that will allow premium users to send detail programming information directly to your Smart Pro or Futura with one simple click.

Mykeys Pro is an integrated solution designed to function as a digital tool box to save you time and in this business, time is money.

Try it today for free via our 30 days free trial.

For more information on Mykeys Pro premium or to subscribe, please contact a member our team on 0203 007 6060 ( option 8 ) email



Silca & Advanced Diagnostics Complete Vehicle Package

The Silca & Advanced Diagnostics complete vehicle key package contains everything you need to start professionally duplicating, cloning and programming a wide range of vehicle keys.

The package includes a Futura Automotive Key machine, Smart Pro with 3 years UTP (tokens), RW4 including M-BOX, Universal Remote cable, Smart Aerial and Mykeys Pro premium for 3 years.

This package offers a saving of over £3,000 and is only available as a special order. To order or for more information please call our team on 0203 007 6060 ( option 8 ).

Are you still not sure if Automotive Locksmithing is something you would like to add to your business? Why not take part in one of our free Introduction to Automotive Locksmithing Seminars.



Introduction to Automotive Locksmithing Seminar

Aldridge Automotive invites you to attend our FREE ‘Introduction to Automotive seminars’ throughout 2022 at our Birmingham Branch.

Looking to increase profit and turnover of your business?

This seminar will provide you with an overview of the equipment needed and the basics on how to get started in this lucrative market place. We will take the time to run through each process step by step, carrying out live demonstrations allowing you to see the equipment in action. Our seminars run regularly and include limited numbers, allowing you to get up close and ask any required questions.

Orwhy not skip the intro and instead join us at one of our PAID* 2-day intensive training course, hosted by a fully qualified Automotive Locksmith.
*Please note this is a chargeable course

If you are interested in finding out more information or to book your place, please contact our Automotive Team on 0203 007 6060 ( option 8 ) or email

Still unsure on Silca and Advanced Diagnostics machines and have no time to do one of the above?

We can arrange for the Silca Van to visit you wherever you want. Ask to see the machines you need and get a real understanding as to why Silca is number 1.

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