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Brexit Statement

Brexit Statement

We are constantly reviewing all potential risks that Brexit may have on our operations. We need to import and export goods in and out of the UK to service our 3 extensive warehouse operations, including our main distribution centre in The Midlands.

What is our current position to withstand any potential delay to supply?

Our stock holding is already very large & we have been actively increasing our stock holding further in preparation for Jan 2021.

Are there likely to be ongoing delays to supply?

Being both a distributor and a manufacturer of certain products we are reliant on our suppliers to ensure continuity of supply beyond our existing stockholding. We have forward ordered where possible to negate any potential risks to future supply and, as previously mentioned, we have also increased our stock holding extensively to assist in negating any potential delays.

Are there likely to be cost increases?

We are awaiting further guidance from the UK government before we can confirm any final issues such as tariffs, freight, certifications, licensing & others. If and when there is further information available around these subjects, we will update this statement.

As it currently stands we do not foresee any cost increases other than those price increases imposed on us by our suppliers / manufacturers. However, should the GBP fall significantly against foreign currency this will likely be reviewed.

What are our plans for both ROI & other EU based customers?

Our general courier partner is Fed Ex who manages our exportation of parcels to Ireland & other countries both in the EU and worldwide. We have been and will continue to work closely with the Brexit team at Fed Ex throughout the process and are confident that there should be no major issues with the export of parcels.

Further to this, the agreed free trade deal between the UK and EU allows for goods that originate from the EU to be exported to European countries without tariffs, for goods that originate from outside of the EU UK Global Tariffs (UKGT) will apply and taxes/duty will be due, these would be payable by the receiving entity and you should seek guidance on this directly from your government.

The receiving organisations in the EU should make their own preparations to prepare to import products from the UK from 1st January 2021.

We are happy to supply a spreadsheet of commodity codes (TARIC) for our products as and when required, please email us with your account number and contact details via the following email address should you require this information: